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It’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner! For our team at APP, spring time is about cleaning out the old to make room for the new. For retail stores it also means starting fresh with new products, and inventory. Every store undergoes seasonal changes throughout the year, and spring is no exception.

In retail you can do this by introducing new products to boost sales, provide custom clothing options, or offer additional services to meet your market demands. Here are our top three spring cleaning business tips!

Clean out old paperwork. Step into 2013, it’s time to organize accounting documents, receipts, and other paperwork digitally. This way you can file away hard copies, plus have a backup saved if needed. If you do discard anything in the trash make sure you shred all paperwork with personal information on it.
Update your business cards. Customized business cards are an excellent way to keep your name and the name of your company in the minds of your customers. Make sure your custom business cards are concise, professional and up to date to ensure you leave the right impression.

Follow up on business goals.  Did you make any New Year’s goals in January? There’s no time like the present to put your new ideas in motion and market your business. Get a promotional event together, do a charity run or host a trunk show this spring.
What are your business goals this spring? Share with us now!
Port Authority Apparel Monday, July 11, 2011

Port Authority® offers a full spectrum of apparel from casual to corporate wear. The collection is designed to showcase the imprinted logos and artwork of businesses, community groups, teams, families, and more—making it the perfect choice for promotional use.

Port Authority® Signature is known for its use of exclusive fabrics, high-end design detail and premium features. The tremendous styling of Port Authority® along with the line’s extreme attention to design detail and durability make it the perfect way to showcase your logo in the very best light. Finally, when you’re looking for quality apparel at a great value, the Port & Company® collection is a natural fit.

Promo-Place has a large selection of apparel with all three of the Port Authority lines, all at great value. See the savings below.

Retail Price $22.98
Our Price $14.98
You save $8.00!

Retail Price $22.00
Our Price $15.00
You save $7.00!

Retail Price $35.99
Our Price $26.99
You save $9.00!

Retail Price $38.99
Our Price $26.99
You save $12.00!

Retail Price $9.99
Our Price $5.99
You save $4.00!

Retail Price $12.99
Our Price $7.49
You save $5.50!

Go to to view the full selection. Remember, other than the one-time setup fee it is always free to add your logo and brand to your purchase. And, we still offer Free Shipping on orders over $199!

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Are You Ready for the Next Event? Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Contemplating your next big event? We have some great ideas! We want to ensure that you have the information you need to make your promotional products work for you, and that you know how to use and get the most out of your products.

Some of you may be new to using promotional products while others have used them for years but are looking for new innovative ways to get exposure. To give you some ideas we put together a list what types of events you can use promotional products for, what types of products to use, and how to use them.

This is one of the more common events where it’s almost customary to bring promotional products. You can plan on giving away items as small as office supplies and drinkware to apparel or backpacks. Items that can highlight your logo, brand message and contact information.

Concerts or Festivals
If your customers are likely to attend concerts or festivals you may consider becoming a sponsor. Speak to the people coordinating the event and find out what level of sponsorships are available. There could be opportunities to customize shirts for either the staff or for the attendees to purchase. Shirts have lots of space to customize so, in addition to the name and date of the event, you can fit your logo and your brand message.

Community Sports
Sponsor a community sports team. Purchase shirts and/or hats customized with the team name and your company logo. Sporting events are a great way to gain exposure to a wide-cast audience, while showing support for your local community.

Employee Appreciation Day
If you don’t already have one, create an employee appreciation day. Give all your employees a promotional item with your company logo and implement a catchy tag line, such as “We ♥ Our Employees”. The promotional product can be anything from a simple coffee mug to a nice polo shirt. Make your employees feel appreciated, build brand pride among the employees, while getting exposure as your employees use the customized products.

These are just a few events we wanted to highlight to spark your own imagination. There are many more that we will talk about in future blog posts. Regardless of your event, Promo Place has a product that will work for you. And remember, other than the one-time setup fee it is always free to add your logo and brand to your purchase. We still offer Free Shipping on orders over $199!

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A great way to get exposure for your promotional products is to sponsor company sports teams. You will of course get noticed by the team members who wear the apparel you sponsored and customized with your logo or brand message, as well as anyone affiliated with the team and attending the team events.

Company sports teams can include a huge array of different sports: Bowling, volleyball, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, even kickball or dodge ball.
If your company has a sports team, you can gain the goodwill of your employees as well as increase loyalty and retention rates by sponsoring your own teams. If you don’t have a team, do some research and find out if any of your clients do. What a great way to land the deal and keep your clients! Reach out to them and ask them if they need sponsors for their teams! offers many different types of sports apparel, for women and men’s sports teams.

Great basic polo knit shirt available for both men and women, good to use for co-ed teams to achieve a seamless team look. Available in a multitude of different colors.

Play any field like a pro in our driest moisture management fabric—Dri-Mesh. The double-layer poly-mesh wicks and releases perspiration to keep you comfortable and presentable in even the most active circumstances.

100% micro polyester Cool Swing® moisture wicking white pinstripe jersey featuring anti-bacterial finish inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria. Available in ten different colors.

Don’t forget that other than the one-time setup fee, it is always free to add your logo and brand to your purchase. And we offer Free Shipping on orders over $199!

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Nike is synonymous with high quality sportswear and used by athletes all over the world. Promo Place is happy to offer such a well-known brand to our customers.

Your company will benefit from the brand recognition as your employees, affiliates, or partners will feel valued when receiving Nike promotional apparel. Customize the product with your logo and brand message to get noticed and to get great exposure for your brand.

Contrast sandwich bill lends a sporty look, and Nike Sphere Dry technology ensures maximum moisture-wicking with quick drying. Embroidered Swoosh design trademark.

High-performance moisture wicking from Dri-FIT fabric keeps you comfortably dry, while a subtle pebble texture adds classic style. Includes a self-fabric collar, two-button placket, open hem sleeves and embroidered contrast Swoosh design trademark on the lower left sleeve. Pearlized buttons are selected to complement the shirt color.

Stay cool when the heat is on! Engineered with Dri-FIT fabric to expertly handle moisture, this comfortable micro pique sport shirt has an exceptionally soft hand. Tailored for a feminine fit with a smart-looking Johnny collar. Design features open hem sleeves and embroidered contrast.

An excellent choice for layering, this new cover-up has a subtle texture and a soft hand. The design features a zip-through collar, open cuffs and an open hem. The contrast Swoosh design trademark is embroidered on the back of the neck.

Don’t forget that other than the one-time setup fee it is always free to add your logo and brand to your purchase. And take advantage of Free Shipping on orders over $199!

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Keep Your Business And People Safe Monday, June 6, 2011

To keep your business and employees safe is to purchase a promotional product that is convenient and may even save the user’s life. We have just the Safety Products for you and your team!

Whether you are in an industry that need safety products and want to provide these products to your employees; or you have clients or business partners that need safety products, supplying a lifesaving product will keep your own business safer. A product like this is something that the recipient remembers as they will use it and wear it regularly. offers a variety of safety products that can work for several different industries, or for individuals that want to feel safer in traffic.

This safety vest combines reflective taping with a fluorescent body color for high visibility. It is non-ANSI but great for people who like early morning or late night jogs.

Stay drier and safer in this raincoat designed for maximum visibility. The raincoat is ANSI/ISEA Class 3 certified and great for people who do roadwork or other industries that work in highly trafficked areas.

Designed for visibility, this dual-color safety vest helps ensure your safety in hazardous working conditions. It is ANSI/ISEA Class 2 certified.

Built for warmth and high visibility, this parka can be zipped over our Down Jacket (J776, sold separately) for increased weather protection. It is ANSI/ISEA Class 3 certified with 8000MM waterproof rating.

Don’t forget that other than the one-time setup fee, it is always free to add your logo and brand to your purchase. And we offer Free Shipping on orders over $199!

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Personalize Your Products Monday, May 23, 2011

The main reason for purchasing promotional products is to personalize the product with your logo and/or brand message so your company name and image will gain visibility and exposure as clients, employees, business associates, and others use it in everyday life. Here are a few things to consider when personalizing the product you use for your marketing purposes.

1. The Space – Consider how much space you have to say what you want. If you have a long message, you want to make sure you get a product that can best display a long message. The information you put on your product must be easy to read as it may only be read in passing. Your logo and your message must “pop” and catch people’s attention.

2. Color – Make sure your logo does not clash with the color of the promotional product. As mentioned above, the logo must stand out on the background it’s being displayed.

3. Suitability – Does your brand message suit the product? Many marketers have made the mistake of placing a brand message on a product that does not suit the message being promoted. Although people may remember the message, it will be for the wrong reasons and it will not put your company in a good light.

4. Proofing – Proof and double check any information you place on your products before they are put in use. You don’t want promotional products in the marketplace with a wrong logo or misspellings.

Keep this list in mind when you are ready to personalize the promotional products you purchased at It’s easy to add a custom design to your Promo-Place products. Just send your art work to or upload your logo file using the Art Upload Tab. You will receive a proof for final approval. Art work needs to be approved prior to production. Allow about two weeks for delivery after art approval. Don’t forget that other than the one-time setup fee, it is always free to add your logo and brand to your purchase.

The last week of our Summer Promotion is coming up! We are still offering 20% Off summer items like Drinkware, Caps/Hats, and Knit/Polo Shirts. Use coupon code SUMMER20 at checkout to get your discount! And, we are still offering Free Shipping on orders over $199!

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